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Key Support portfolios Driving OAYouth’s Agenda

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Organisation of African Youth has recently elected new and able young leaders to drive its mandate across the continent and the world. The leadership structure is now composed of committee portfolios whose functions for the next three years will be critical in transforming the work of our movement. They are as follows:

Information and Publicity
This portfolio both at YEC level and at national branches shall up the ante in increasing the voice of youth. Our Secretaries for Information and Publicity (SIP) shall frequently challenge conflict, poverty, inequalities and corruption in Africa through the media. We will develop a database of media contacts to ensure that OAYouth is on the pulse of information sharing and commentary. The SIP shall update all stakeholders on the work OAYouth is doing throughout the continent.

Finance and administration
Over the years, OAYouth has not benefitted much from donor funding. It is in this context that the organisation has inaugurated a Finance and administration committee, within the Treasurer’s portfolio, to take charge of fundraising and ensure that programmes do not end on paper, without implementation.

The organising portfolio is there to drive our major goal of unifying the voices of youth in Africa. The portfolio headers both at country and continental level shall institute a recruitment drive for members. Organising shall compile a database of all youth organisations in Africa and ensure that OAYouth works with them after signing partnership agreements. By end of 2014 OAYouth shall have set up branches on all African countries and tripled its membership to 100 000 card carrying members. We indent to begin working with African Union and other Inter-governmental Organisation (IGOs) such as United Nations and other regional geo-political groupings.

Technical Portfolios
OAYouth also has strong technical portfolios to drive campaigns such as Entrepreneurship, Human Rights, Gender Equality, HIV/AIDS and Social Development


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